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It’s here! #38/60 Squale x @pageandcooper diver w/ NOS bezel from the 60s! Lelelelelelegitttt.

It’s here! #38/60 Squale x @pageandcooper diver w/ NOS bezel from the 60s! Lelelelelelegitttt.

New swim trunks on sale at thecorner.com. Picked up the internet menswear standards and something a bit more fun for over half off.

Can’t wait for Vegas now.

New swim trunks on sale at thecorner.com. Picked up the internet menswear standards and something a bit more fun for over half off.

Can’t wait for Vegas now.

Friday lunch break. Teleworking is the bees knees

Friday lunch break. Teleworking is the bees knees

Good thing this hotel comes stocked. Possibility I require all these by tomorrow morning is high.  (at Hotel Erwin)

Good thing this hotel comes stocked. Possibility I require all these by tomorrow morning is high. (at Hotel Erwin)

Good fucking god. This makes me want to vomit acid all over my dick so I can’t have children.

THE FUCK are these guys doing? Dress your kid up like some god damn hipster version of a Ken doll? And we are supposed to find connection with the Mr. Porter brand and want to buy this shit? GTFO.

This is the furthest from connection I could possibly feel. Reading that article is like talking to Tea Party supporters about income inequality. You get the idea that they both have no idea what they are talking about and are inadvertently working against their own interests.

I’m sure fatherhood is a really wonderful thing, and more than likely something that I would like to have in my future. And man does everyone want their kid to be smart and interesting. But let your kid develop their own personality. This treating your kid like some play toy to show about in public is fucking absurd. These kids are probably going to be either traumatized or cunts by the time they are 21.

Now a feature on their clothes and a few play toys doesn’t really show what kind of childhood these kids actually have. But if you are willing to gallivant your kids around for a commercial spread on an internet retailer, I will take it as shorthand and make assumptions.

Kids don’t get fashion because there is no such thing as kids fashion. Kids do not give two fucks about fashion. There are only adults who wish to push their interests onto children who do not know better. But holy shit if these aren’t the most chill, cool and fashionable kids ever.

Except in reality kids get dirty as fuck. And if your kid isn’t getting dirty as fuck, your kid probably sucks. Let the kid wear shit that is meant to get dirty as fuck and you can throw it in the wash and not care. I do not wear nice clothes when I know I am going to get dirty. And kids should be dirty like 90% of the time.

The other thing about kids is they keep not staying the same size. Let the kid wear clothes that are easily replaceable because they are GROWING LIKE HOLY FUCK. In two months that Goodwill bin will be the bees fucking knees with these clothes that don’t fit anymore. So you are either a rich, elitist dick showing off or you are very questionably making value judgments on where to allocate your limited resources on behalf of your children’s future. You can buy coolness or you could, you know, save for college.

Enjoy the slideshow below while I continue to barf into my organic soy latte from a local cafe. Oh wait, I mean my Starbucks. Grow up internet.


Lance had that, “C’mon, work for me just one more time!”, blow game goin’.
(via @justinace)

Ahhhh. Soo good. These jokes write themselves.


Lance had that, “C’mon, work for me just one more time!”, blow game goin’.

(via @justinace)

Ahhhh. Soo good. These jokes write themselves.

This growler only beer store is pretty legit… (at The Beer Growler Savannah)

This growler only beer store is pretty legit… (at The Beer Growler Savannah)

Doing my part. Go give blood people.

Doing my part. Go give blood people.

Game time!

Get fucking pumped

Hopkins v. Shumenov,

It’s not that often DC gets a legit fight in town, so my friends and I could not pass this up. The actual main event was a bit of a dud, but the undercard fights were spectacular. Shawn Porter showed up big and we just happened to have his home town friends right behind us losing their damn minds. Great night.

I almost never have an excuse to pull out a one-button, peak lapel, black suit that isn’t a tux, so it got dusted off tonight. Same goes for the black wholecuts. Good showing at the fight.

Details: suit - Phineas Cole, shirt - Hugh & Crye, tie - Drakes, shoes - C&J

Wizards Playoff eve!!!

Tonight is the first time in a long time the Wizards have made the playoffs so I might as well drop the pictures from last week’s game I never got around to posting.

Looking forward to it, so to continue the rant from Andrew Sharp’s excellent piece on Grantland:

Fuck Chicago,
Fuck the Bean,
Fuck the Sears Tower,
Fuck the Chicago River,
Fuck Lake Michigan,
Fuck Common,
Especially fuck Noah,
Fuck Noah’s tennis playing dad,
Fuck Noah’s busted ass mom,
Fuck that bama Boozer,
And while I’m at it Fuck Alaska,
Fuck the Bulls,

Details: sport coat: Lardini, shirt - Ovadia & Sons, tie - Drakes, PS - Hugh & Crye, pants - Incotex, shoes - Harrys of London

Wizards v. Bobcats

That game that tells you where you stand in the playoff pecking order; yeah we lost that. Horrible fucking game. Made me want to punch the shit out of the gift blimp.

I was expecting a win so I wore the party suit. This suit has been through hell. The lining is stained red from too many cranberry and vodkas being thrown at me by myself or people I have insulted. The pants look like shit up close because they were my first personal tailoring job.

But if you don’t know better and examine it too closely, it looks great. And it is that specific color of blue that in non-direct sunlight looks like navy but in the sun is airforce blue. Wonderful fabric and for the price I paid at SuitSupply has been worth its weight 3x over.

Details: suit - SuitSupply, shirt - Boss, tie - Drakes, PS - J Crew, shoes - Carmina

Late post on this one. This is from last week against Boston. Big game and the first time as a season ticket holder the Wizards have clinched a playoff birth. It took five years, but we are here now.

I would like to say my ticket value is increasing but Stubhub prefers to disagree. The only thing increasing is what Teddy charged me for the pleasure of watching mediocre basketball next year. Fucking DC.

I’m not sure how this outfit worked out. I bought this blue chambray formal dress shirt with French cuffs from Phineas Cole in NYC when I got my black suit from there a few years back. I love this shirt, but it goes with practically nothing so I almost never wear it. Cutaway collar, casual fabric in dark color with French cuffs? Sure. Fucking rock that. Stupid purchase, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

Details: jacket: Gant, shirt: Phineas Cole, tie: Drakes, ps: Hugh & Crye, slacks: Epaulet, shoes: Meermin

On the villification of One-and-Done

Being a blog centered around a certain underperforming professional basketball team, it should come as no surprise that I have some very specific opinions on various topics surrounding the sport as a whole. To divulge a bit more of my own proclivities, I am also an unabashed University of Kentucky basketball fan. Being born in Kentucky and growing up in a UK household, basketball is almost a religion.

The intersection of my passions for NBA and UK has left me with a significant amount of exposure on the topic of “one and done” NCAA players. Tonight is the National Championship game and watching the coverage as UK has continued its march has never lacked in discussion of the one and done model.

This coverage has been overwhelmingly negative. The vast majority of which comes from a contingent of media personalities arguing that the one and done system is perverting the collegiate student athlete model that has been in place for decades.

That topic in and of itself is rife with bullshit which the Ed Obannon case should rupture the foundations of in short order later this year. However, for the purpose of this post I will leave the concept of the student athlete alone and focus solely on the perceived demerits of the one and done system. Most often they present themselves in the following manner:

  1. Players play for the chance at money and not for the jersey they wear
  2. Scholarships are being taken away from players who otherwise would have had the opportunity
  3. Players are one year professional rentals who do not value academics

I’ll tackle these one at a time:

Players play for the chance at money and not for the jersey they wear

I have a long list of current active NBA players who have played one or two years maximum at UK over the last five years since Calipari’s arrival:

  • John Wall
  • Demarcus Cousins
  • Eric Bledsoe
  • Patrick Patterson (my hero)
  • Daniel Orton
  • Brandon Knight
  • Josh Harrelson
  • Anthony Davis
  • Michael Kidd-Gilchrest
  • Terrance Jones
  • Doron Lamb
  • Darius Miller
  • Nerlens Noel
  • Archie Goodwin

I follow the majority of these guys on twitter. Over the last two weeks all of them have been vocal about the University of Kentucky and their pride with what this team has accomplished. If you tune in tonight, I would expect you see at least half of this list in attendance. I am unclear on the suggestion, based on such evidence, that the players do not bond with the State and the University they called home for such a brief period in your life.

Imagine when you are 18/19 years old, and if you found a place where you were universally accepted and revered. How powerful an impression would that make on you? I would bet, and for some would not have to bet as they have directly said so, that this would be a life changing experience. A place between adulthood and childhood, between the struggle of adolescence and the cold professionalism of the NBA adult. This is how they see their collegiate experience, not through the lens of a 10 month calendar.

Scholarships taken from more deserving candidates

This is where I start to get a little concerned with how people define deserving. It requires a bit of background, but lets dive in: 

  1. The one year rule is an NBA rule. This is not the kids, nor the universities doing this. So these kids, as of now (and likely a long time from now) will be barred from seeking payment for their services they are capable of performing until they meet the age requirements of the NBA.
  2. If you consider the list from the point above, over half of those listed came from disadvantaged backgrounds. This is common for a lot of basketball players as basketball is one of the popular escapes for inner city children.
  3. The intent of college is to train people for professional careers

Given that set of facts, explain to me how it is that these kids do not “deserve” the scholarships they are given? Colleges teach these kids the skills they need to succeed in their choice of career. Because their choice of career is basketball instead of computer science, and because they are exceptionally talented, they suddenly do not deserve to be lifted from the abject poverty the majority of them live in? They do not deserve a chance to experience a life that most middle/upper class kids expect to be handed to them? What is the logic? Where does this come from?

Above all other kids, I would suggest these are exactly the kids who deserve scholarships. Those that are our most promising candidates in the fields they chose and those that have the least ability to succeed in them without the help of others. For every Anthony Davis there is another Lenny Cooke who could have used such an opportunity.

Players are one year professional rentals who do not value academics

This is the one I find the most infuriating. To reiterate from above, the point of college is to train you for a career. These kids are simply able to move on to their career choices earlier than most due to talent others do not possess. The argument is that you would not fault Mark Zuckerburg for dropping out of Harvard to blow up with Facebook. You would also not prevent him from attending Harvard entirely simply because he showed the aptitude for success prior to attending college.

But lets back the fucking train up a bit because to suggest the one year rental is perverting academic causes would suggest that prior to the one and done era (before 2005) all students were graduating at significantly higher rates. The funny thing is, this is an easy one to track. As of 2003 less than 1/3 of elite Mens Basketball schools (defined as the top 16 finishers in the NCAA tournament) graduated 2/3 or more of their players. Compare this to the latest numbers from 2014 where graduation rates of more than 2/3 were reported by 50% of comparable schools. So to be clear, since the one and done era began in 2005 graduation rates have been improving across elite Mens Basketball programs.

To add to this anecdotally, the University of Kentucky enjoys the return of a large number of the aforementioned former players each summer to complete additional coursework. As part of Calipari’s promise to parents during the recruiting process, he touts this to show his continued commitment to the education of players. The idea that a person moving on to a professional career in the NBA has somehow forfeited their opportunity at an college education later in life is also false.

To wrap this all up, as I examine the coverage more and more, the only explanation I have for the stances that are so firmly entrenched in today’s media landscape is that these media members are either ignorant or bigots. Notwithstanding the anti-manifesto Vox launch piece yesterday, which might explain Michael Wilbon’s opinions, I am left to assume there is some latent classism or racism involved here.

It strikes me as peculiar that virtually all one and done players are black, the majority of which come from underprivileged households, while the vast majority of dissenters are middle-aged, middle-class white people educated from the very same universities whose vested interest they side with. I’m not implying it is overt or intentional, but there is something going on in the language they use that suggests they are not looking at the facts from a rational perspective and are emotionally responding in a way that seems unfortunately biased.

So let’s stop vilifying the kids, coaches and the programs that are working within the rules. There is no reasonable explanation for supporting such a stance. And until the NBA decides to institute proper development leagues and/or rescind the age restriction, let’s all just enjoy the show and shut the fuck up already.

Big fuckin win for UK. We still dancin even with these rapper coloring books.